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Another entry for the Hall of Geek

December 17, 2007


Finally, I downloaded the pictures from Vegas and came across this gem.  Hanging with a Klingon, no better way to turn 40 I alwasy say.

In any case, I was working this weekend on getting some of the hundreds of Gerstein photos into some semblance of order, and I came across a couple of gems.  I got so excited seeing them, but strangely, the rest of the family just didn’t share my thrill.  So, I decided to start a Hall of Geek…a place to catalog some of the most memorable, where people like me will appreciate them.  It will include:

* My photo in front of Stephen King’s house in Maine.  Of course, I was utterly incoherent when moments later he drove into the house on his motorcycle.  Didn’t get any pictures of THAT because I was too busy jumping up and down and muttering random noises like “Ooorgh” and “Heeeeytherenow”.

* Photos from our visit to Wizards of the Coast in Seattle.  I posed with a Storm Trooper replica, a photo that is currently being held by some folks in Indianapolis for blackmail potential.  Some day, it will pop up in a presentation or on a populated web page – just waiting for the joy of that.

* A photo of my Dad and I where he is wearing his Spock shirt.  You have to see this one – it explains a lot.

* A shot I took in the driveway of the Gates estate in Medina while it was under construction. 

And so on.  It will take me a little while to do the scanning (I’m not really all that good with the scanner) but when I’m done, I’ll throw it up on flickr where others in the Geek brother/sisterhood can admire them. 

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  1. Doris permalink
    December 17, 2007 11:03 pm

    Don’t forget the pictures of you and Michael jodeling in Lederhosen at the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg- that is a definite for the Geek Hall of Fame (I would say rank it in the top 3 (since I dont know what else will be uncovered))…

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