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Because I just can’t go a week without invoking the name of Hannah Montana

December 6, 2007

IT Update – it seems the Little IT and I will be going to see Hannah Montana after all.  A very kind co-worker (ok, my boss) read my blog and saw that we were in need of tickets, and he was able to get them.  Cassie, her best friend from the “Inside Edition” piece got tickets as well, from a post-sale.  Seems they sent out notices to everyone who didn’t use their pre-sale codes inviting them to use them in a post-show sale.  But they got smart – you have to pick up the tickets at will-call the night of the event, and show the credit card you used to purchase them as ID.  I guess they are trying to make up for all the scalpers who got a hold of them.  Hooray for MileyWorld. 

We gave Little IT the tickets for her first night of Hannukah present.  We were going to wait till Christmas, because then I would only have hear about the concert for 2 days as opposed to 23, but c’est la vie.  We know of a few others in town who were getting tickets at the same time, and we figured we’d just go for it.   She screamed when she saw them, but it didn’t really sink in until the next morning when she proceeded to talk about  the concert.  A lot.  Sigh.  It’s going to be a long month.

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