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Work is a four-letter-word

November 27, 2007

This week is a busy one in IT Land.  My company is involved in our tri-annual division wide sales meeting.  It’s being held at a hotel not far from our offices, but it still presents many challenges in terms of commuting and child care arrangements.  I decided not to stay in the hotel, because I couldn’t bear packing for myself and juggling the kids when I’ll have to do it anyhow on Thursday before we go to Vegas.  It’s six of one, really, but I do enjoy sleeping in my own bed better than any hotel. 

Today was a big meeting day, and I got to present our lead spring 2008 titles in front of the whole group.  I decided to channel El Jobso before a big MacWorld keynote, which gave me powers beyond those of any superhero.  In other words, it went well.  Reps were really excited about our list, especially all those yummy social media books.  LinkedIn For Dummies, Facebook For Dummies and Sybex’s Radically Transparent were three of the titles that garnered the most discussion.  The latter book is particularly amusing, because our business group also has a transparency title.  My counterpart on the business side confessed to spending some time on Google last night looking for good examples of transparency.  I’m surprised he didn’t find me in the hunt, as I was doing the exact same thing.   I led off my presentations with Microsoft 2.0, and author Mary Jo Foley was kind enough to share some of the coolest tidbits from the manuscript that I could share with the group.   I have two more days of this, and then I head on vacation.  Must.  stay.  focused.

It was also nice hearing from co-workers who have read ye ole blog.  I’m hoping more of them jump on the bandwagon and start their own blogs.  Can’t have all the joy to myself, you know…

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