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Bigmouth Strikes Again

November 18, 2007

It was a peaceful weekend for the IT family.  We’re in-between sports, with soccer having ended last week and basketball not starting up until after Thanksgiving, so we found ourselves with some time on our hands.  I had a good friend take photos for our holiday card one day – they turned out quite spectacular.  Today, Sunday, Little IT wanted a playdate.  She had played most of yesterday with her friend C., so we didn’t try her.  Instead, I tried her friend S., because she’s usually around on Sundays.  No go.  I made one or two other calls until connecting with M’s mom who suggested they play at her house.  Great!  Super!  Connection achieved.  I felt good knowing that Sarah was going to play with a fun friend. 

It was also a relief, because I’m a bit neurotic about setting up these things.  Have I had child X at my house enough?  Am I always putting Little IT on other people and not reciprocating?  Will either kid be a problem, and will the playdate disintegrate into someone screaming, “GO HOME NOW!” which has happened more than once (we haven’t called THAT family in ages).  Have I called these people more than 3 times in the past month, which could be construed as stalking, and we really don’t want Little IT slapped with a restraining order, now do we?

But not with M.  M’s a really easy, low-maintenance kid.  For the most part, so is Little IT.  So, when I returned to pick her up, I expected nothing but “everything was great.”  For the most part, that’s what I heard.  Until M’s mom mentioned that Sarah told them they were our 15th call.

Hello?  15?  Way to make us look desperate and them look less than A list (neither of which is true).  I was horrified that she had said that, but what do I do?  I say, no, this was the 3rd or 4th call we made.  Then Little IT and I proceed to argue about who was on call 1-2-3.  Because that made it all better.  Seriously, it was like I had a truth filer on, and I couldn’t stop myself.  Mr. IT was in stitches when I relayed the comment and my pathetic attempts to make it right.   Ah, chalk that one up to a blip in the truth filter!

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