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Suffer Little Children

November 14, 2007

Truthfully, it’s the parents who are suffering right now.  We’re getting into holiday gift giving season, although if you are like IT Girl, you were done with the bulk of your shopping by Halloween.  IT Girls does not suffer fools, crowded stores, or fighting with UPS gladly.  But, for those among us who did NOT get Hannah Montana tickets and still need to find the perfect gift for the kiddies, this promises to be one of the wackiest shopping seasons on record.  Every time you pick up a paper, turn on the news, or check your in-box it seems that yet another toy has been recalled.  That a toy can turn into a product that mimics a date rape drug was to me the last straw of sanity.  The only good thing to come from the toy recall mania is the number of parents who are giving books as gifts, because they’re seen as being safer than something that could contain lead paint.  but that’s not going to work for everyone.  What’s a parent to do, when we’ve already got enough on our plate?

IT Girl author Kathy Scoleri is tackling this head on.  She’s set up a web site called Safe Mama with the goal of being a “one-stop child safety, product recall, health and well-being resource for parents.”  It’s not alarmist or judgemental, rather an excellent portal that gives parents access to the latest information on recalls as well as helpful links.  She’s also got some tips on green living and organic foods, among other excellent content.   It’s a site that I certainly will be bookmarking and think all parents should check out as well. 

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  1. November 15, 2007 12:03 pm

    Thanks Ellen!

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