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There is a light that never goes out

November 9, 2007

Everyone loves IT Boy.  Most certainly his parents, but he’s also been blessed with a rather active and vocal fan club.  People in our little village love seeing him at our various soccer/pool/PTA/school activities.  They hold him, play with him, laugh with him.  To a person, they comment on how easy-going, mellow and friendly he is.  We agree that he is the perfect child, with one notable exception.  Because we always reply, “Any interest taking him for the 12a – 6am shift?”

Yes, IT Boy has a flaw.  He’s just not a great sleeper.  Never has been.  Usually goes to bed at 8 or 9, sometimes sleeps till 10 or 11, and then gets up.  We don’t feed him, but we don’t let him cry it out either.  The visits from Little IT ordering us to “do something about him” are just too much to deal with on the overnight shift.  So we bring the little guy into bed with us, usually for the duration, where he flops like a fish and pulverizes Mr IT all night. 

Our first born, Little IT was sleeping through the night consistently at around 2 months, so this is new to us.  We had a good stretch last month where he was sleeping 8-9 hours at a stretch, but this week he regressed.  Could be the time change, the weather change, a cold teething, don’t know.  And that’s what’s killing us – there is no rhyme nor reason to his sleeping habits.  Sometimes you think he’s totally going to sleep, and he doesn’t.  Or he’s had a quiet day and you just know he’s staying up all night, and he sleeps like a rock. 

Last night, Mr IT kept saying, “But he’s so cute.  Look at how cute he is.”  Don’t get me wrong, IT Boy is da bomb.  But something has to give.  IT Girl needs her sleepy time.  Big Daddy can’t be swayed by the sweetness of the boy.  It’s got to be our way or the highway.  Too much of my sanity is tied into getting 8 hours of sleep per evening.   I’m not comfortable co-sleeping with the big guy and the little guy, no matter how cute everyone is. 

My neighbor keeps remarking that she sees my light on at all hours of the night.  What she’s doing up then I don’t know, but I digress.  IT House needs to be lights out, all night.  Give me the strength to stand up to the cute factor and get that boy to sleepytown. 

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  1. November 9, 2007 7:56 pm

    Addison, too, has never been a great sleeper. She goes to bed like a champion – we brush her teeth, say prayers, turn her music on and she’s out. 3 am hits and she’s up. It’s gotten better in the past six months…guess it’s good that she’s our first and we don’t have a great first sleeper to set the standard!

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