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Donuts with Dad

November 5, 2007

This morning, Mr. IT is taking IT Girl to the book fair at school for “Donuts with Dad.”  It’s when the book fair opens early in the morning to allow kids to visit with their dads (“*or other male family member over the age of 18”) before they have to head into work.

When I first heard of this idea last year, I had a couple of mild flashes of indignation.  First off, what if you don’t have a dad around?  I grew up away from my father, and I doubt my grandfather would have wanted to truck into school for this.  Would I have felt left out?  And second, what about working moms who can’t go to the book fair?  Would they be turned away at the door if they used this opportunity to take their kids to the fair?  Even Mr. IT groaned at the idea of being late to work for it, but agreed to take her when he saw how psyched she was for him to go into her school.

The more I thought about it, the more I came to like the idea and overcame any initial misgivings.  Most things at school default to the moms for participation.  Why not invite the dads specially, so they learn that they can participate in school activities as easy as moms can?  Dads are people too, and what better way to make them feel welcome than with a hot cup of coffee and a munchkin.  Also, with a few notable exceptions like IT Dad, most dads don’t say “no” as easily as moms do when it comes to the purchasing.  Dad’s in a hurry to get to work, kid’s stacking book after book up on the table, Dad whips out his credit card to get things moving = ka ching!  So last year, this event was a runaway success.  So successful that they were inundated as soon as they opened the doors.  So successful that they ran out of donuts, coffee and parking about 10 minutes after the event started.  Not so fun to have to experience grief from a dad that didn’t give his kid breakfast because he thought she was getting donuts at the fair.  Which, IMHO, should not be breakfast, but we digress into matters nutritional so I must head back on track. 

I’m glad that they were able to mount this so successfully last year and have such fun with it.  This year, they expanded DwD to two mornings, to make sure they can fit everyone in.  They also quintupled the amount of donuts at the event.  I know that because I helped bag donuts yesterday before IT Girl’s soccer game.  Can I just tell you how little urge I have to encounter a donut anytime in the near future?  1700 Dunkin Donuts munchkins = a blecky icky feeling when you see them en masse. 

Last year, Mr. IT did his usual get-in, get-out military maneuver and was the second one at the door, and the first one on line.  IT Girl didn’t know what hit her.  She was allowed two books, and picked out the new Olivia book and some DK visual encyclopedia  (I told her if she was set to a limit by her dad to go for high ticket items – that’s my girl!)   This year, they left early as well with the intention of being there 20 minutes before opening.  I wonder if their record will stand intact?

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  1. November 6, 2007 11:59 pm

    In a perfect world, the fathers would bag the donuts as part of their “involvement” but I guess it’s hard enough to get them there once…

    And I think donuts make a perfectly splendid breakfast! Although the last Krispy Kreme outlet in MA has closed down so I am back to Dunkin Donuts.

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