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More fun with slow sync flash

November 1, 2007

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing The Police in concert at Madison Square Garden here in NY.  Never mind the fact that this was my 3rd Police concert this year (I admit it, I’ve been a super crazy fan since I was 12).  This was their Halloween concert.  Each seat had a postcard from the band and a mask (doesn’t quite make up for sky-high ticket prices) on it, to remind you that you shouldn’t be at a concert, you should be taking your kids trick or treating (or was that just Mr. IT doing that?). 

The band themselves dressed in costume, as you can see below.  I used slow sync flash and super zoom for these two shots.  There are more, but you get the drift.  The woman next to me took about 40 shots, all blurry.  If only she had known!

This was from “Roxanne” – hard to get the video screens and the band in the same shot, and have them both look good:


This one was from the end of the show. 


I’ve taken pictures at all three shows, but these came out the best.  Yes, our seats were much better.  But I think fiddling with ISO and zoom and slow sync makes a difference.

As far as the costumes, Sting was interviewed on Today Tuesday and said he would be in a costume with tights and a codpiece.  As you can see, he brought it.  Andy was charming as Charlie Chaplin.  I have no idea what type of Egyptian zombie Stewart was trying to be, but there were amusing moments at the beginning of him pulling off his cape because he couldn’t drum with it.  Makes me wonder if he tried it on before he got there.

While I am on the subject, I have some suggestions for people attending future shows by The Police, in addition to other artists cashing in reuniting for tours:

1. People who look like they are 50+ accountants should not lip sync/air guitar/dance.  Ever.  I have some videos of this infraction from last night that are amusing enough for YouTube.  I was cracking up so much I cried my makeup off.

2. If you are a 50+ accountant, and someone asks you to sit down, because there is no one in front of you dancing, take the hint.  We have your best interests at heart. 

3. Don’t cuddle during “Every Breath You Take.”  It’s a creepy song, not a love song.  Sting wrote it about his marriage dissolving.   I remember some friends used it as a wedding song.  A bad omen, if you ask me.  Ick.

4. No one should dance to “King of Pain”.  Ever.  It’s got no beat, and you really can’t dance to it.

Used wisely, this advice should enhance any concert going experience.

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