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I wanna be Pirated

October 29, 2007

I stand corrected…someone pointed me to a listing about Captain Kidd and his historical relevance to Philipsburg Manor:

Continuing down the path behind the barn, next to the Pocantico River that cuts through the property, is a pirate camp. Huddled around a fire in a canvas tent, is a band of miscreant pirates. These call to mind the notorious Captain Kidd who in 1696 lived in New York and had dealings with the Philipse family. He is also rumored to have buried treasure nearby. These “friendly” pirates celebrate finding his treasure by playing historical folk songs and entertaining the crowd with pirate tales. The skeleton guarding the treasure may be Kidd himself.

OK then.  Remember, I was a European History major.  Took very little American history.  Not that I’m using an excuse.

 Here’s a new age pirate song I captured at the event.  This song came at the end of a long story about wishing for an eye patch and getting an iPod instead (you had to be there).  I love the Ramones, so this song cracked me up:

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