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October 24, 2007

Joe Wikert has a great post up today that was inspired by a Forbes article decrying Facebook and Twitter

That post was quite timely for me.  Yesterday, I attended an Advertising Club of NY networking breakfast. The topic was supposed to be “Technology: The Engine of Innovation”, but like many of these events, it barely skimmed the surface of what I was looking to hear. I attend networking events like this for several reasons. One is to get out from behind my computer and actually network. Talk with others who are out there doing what I’m doing, or better, what I want to do. Another reason is to learn something new, be inspired, and get energized about my work. Overall, I did better with the first than the second. The panel was supposed to talk about how so-called “new media” was changing the way marketers promote our brands, and how to find the best mix between offline and online promotions. The presenters were from a mix of technology companies(IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Panasonic and Xerox).  For the most part, there wasn’t a lot of “there” there.  They all talked about the corporate vision for brand promotion, but it was too top level to give the audience any “ah ha” moments.  Other than when the most-excellent woman from Yahoo (Mary Bermel) spoke, I didn’t find myself writing down too many gems or insights.  I hoped to hear more about true social networking and real world examples and best practices, but that really didn’t come out of the session. Maybe I read the description wrong, but others in the elevator after the session seemed to have the same perspective.

However, and back to the point of this post, two of the panelists, who really didn’t seem to embrace other Web 2.0 points, were Twitter embracers.  They both said that Twitter can serve as an excellent tool for marketers.  Obviously, this made my brow wrinkle, as the idea of following along with someone’s day online is about as exciting as taking 13 items in the 12 items or less line at the Food Emporium.  But Chris Webb has been converted, Wrox has started a Wrox Twitter thing, and Scoble seems hooked.  Today’s question – will I be sucked in via pure geek peer pressure, or is there something to this Twitter thing? The Twitter tag line is “What are you doing?” and as such, I ask the same question of the Twitter community, with the add on, “How are you doing it?” And so, the adventure begins…

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  1. October 26, 2007 2:01 pm

    Like all social applications, the usefulness in Twitter is in the way you use it. Think larger – it’s not “What Are You Doing? – I’m eating a sandwich” but it’s:

    What is your company doing?
    What are you doing for your customers?
    What are you thinking of doing with a new product line?
    What would you like to ask your customers?
    What would you like your customers to know?
    What are you excited about?
    What partnerships are you seeking for a new venture?
    What help do you need?

    Twitter is 2 way conversation. You can just as easily ask a question as post a statement. – Try it.

    Engage! Think people aren’t talking about your products, your company, your industry on Twitter? They are.

    Here’s a little challege: Get a Twitter account and use it’s “track” feature to track conversations on a particular company, topic, or product. No need to add a bunch of people to follow or even accept follow requests – just listen.

    Too often we are looking for an all-in-one solution to the big “social media question.” I believe successful companies will assemble a social media toolbox, and fill it with tools like Twitter, Facebook, Ning and others. Each tool has an application.


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