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October 18, 2007


News flash – I am working at the Wiley booth at at trade show this week.  This is a news flash because one of the things I thought I was past having to do as an elder stateswoman of marketing is trade shows.  On the plus side, you get to meet your customers in person, find out about their wants and needs, and get instant feedback on marketing ideas.  On the minus side, you get to meet your customers in person, find out about their wants and needs, and…you get the point.  It’s great, except when it isn’t.  It’s exhausting, and exhilarating at the same time.  I used to do a lot of trade shows.  I had a job many years ago, when I was single and childless, at a scientific institution that served as an umbrella organization for 10 member societies and many other affiliated groups.  Somehow, my boss decided that since we were launching a service that pre-dated AOL and the Web and provided computer access for members, that we needed to be at EVERY member and affiliate meeting.  When you totaled it up, it equaled about 60 meetings per year.  I split them with one other woman, and our admin was able to take some of them, but it was insanity.   I was a road warrior, traveling at least every other week, for two years.  Mr. IT was working for a cruise line at the time, so he had a bit of travel too.  It was crazy, and thank heavens I was young and had stamina, and no kids.  There is no way I could keep up that pace now.  

So, every once in a while, I work at a trade show.  I’m selfish, and I try do to ones that interest me, like eBay Live!, or are in good locations (that would be Orlando and Orlando).  But if something happens in NYC, my backyard, I’m in regardless of like or dislike.   I totally hate the Javits center, so I’m usually a little bitter and jaded.

PhotoPlus is at least one I’m sorta happy about.  The photography marketplace is new to me, and we’re launching some amazing products here, such as this one:


Erin Manning is a true rock star in the photography world.  “Portrait and Candid Photography” is her first, but hopefully not last book, and it’s a great guide to taking better pictures of your friends and family.  Look out IT boy, momma’s got a camera!

And our new training DVD from Rick Sammon –


I have access to a Rebel, and I’m eager to take advantage of all its features.  I used to use a point and shoot, so it’s a whole new world, and I’m ready to rumble. 

OK, so I’m ready to push these items tomorrow.  Let’s see what the customers want!  Here’s to short lines at the ladies room and the Starbucks at the Javits!

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