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This doesn’t usually happen around these parts…Part 2

October 8, 2007

Continued – in which Little IT and I are getting ready to be interviewed by “Inside Edition” about the Hannah Montana ticket controversy…

 12:17 – run downstairs to babysitter.  Explain situation.  Explain that I need her to help me get the house, which is “cluttered” on the best of days, in TV show shape.  She reminds me that if the crew is coming at 4:30, Little IT has a playdate that will keep her out till 5:30. 

12:18 – Call the house of the kid where the playdate is.  Get the woman’s MIL, who doesn’t really appear to speak English. Not confident message is received.

12:30 – Call R.  R is the mother of Little IT’s best friend, C.  Leave panicked message on cell phone asking to be called back immediately.  R is the one that bought the Miley World membership in the first place, with the intention of buying 4 tickets at the presale, but y’all know where that went, now don’t cha…

12:45 – R calls me back.  “Are they going to give us the tickets?!?”  No, I say.  “Inside Edition” is a tabloid format magazine show.  They ain’t Oprah.  It’s just going to be me talking about how I could not get the tickets.  Regardless, R says that she and C will be there for the taping.  R has cell phone # for playdate mom.  Call it.  Leave message. 

12:50 – I call my friend Julie to ask her to come and do my makeup.  I planned to style my hair but I really didn’t have the time, being on the phone and all, and it’s pretty dry from the shower right now.  Julie says she will be over right before the camera crew does. 

1-4p – I finish work, while babysitter throws all possessions into pack and play.  Babysitter picks up Little IT at school, intercepting the mom (who she had never met before and had no idea what she looked like) who was trying to take her for the playdate just in the nick of time.  Little IT comes home all confused.  She never knew anything about the Hannah tickets, so she’s getting a little disappointed that we never got them in the first place.  Great. 

4p – I join babysitter in trying to clean up the dump.  Make mental note apologizing to the me of the future who will be looking in vain for all this stuff shoved into unrecognizable locations, cursing the me of the past all the way.

4:10 – Julie arrives, calms me down, and does a wonderful job on my makeup.  “Don’t forget to reapply the lipstick!!” she says as she leaves.  “What are you going to wear?” she asks.  Black T shirt and jeans, I reply, as I strip off the pj shorts and the tie dyed shirt. 

4:20 – Andrea calls.  Camera crew is running late on Marion Jones thingy.  They’re coming instead at 5:30.  I alert R to come an hour later.

5:30 – R arrives.  No camera crew.  Yet.  Little IT and C begin playing in the other room.  I decide to feed IT Boy his dinner.  Cereal, macaroni and cheese, and banana yoghurt.  None of the rest of us have eaten, other than the occasional potato chip. 

6:00 – Andrea calls.  Camera crew still in White Plains.  Not sure, but she thinks they are leaving now.  Politely gives me her cell phone to call her if they’re still MIA.  I get Mr. IT on the phone.  He’s on his way home.  Ask him to pick up dinner. 

6:30 – IT Boy is playing on the floor and falls back and hits his head.  Full disclosure, this happens about every other day.  He’s a little guy learning his way in the world, and doesn’t have the best muscle control.  It happens.  I pick him up to comfort him, and in one honk, he barfs up dinner all over me and the floor.  I rush upstairs to change, at the prompting of R, who strips him down and cleans the floor. 

6:40 – New outfit of Wiley shirt (product placement!) and black capri pants, which while they resemble pajamas are in no way sleepwear.  Mr. IT arrives with dinner.  He’s ranting and raving, but that usually happens when the Mr. returns home.  R at one point tells him to shut up, and suddenly I am glad he is acting up so she can see what I am up against sometimes.

6:50 – Holly, the AP on site calls.  NOW they are leaving the courthouse in White Plains.  NOW.  They should be here in 20 minutes.  I do the math – White Plains to my house on a Friday traffic night?  7:40 on a good day.

7:00 – Little IT and C eat chinese food.  I take a bowl and pig out on vegetable dumplings. 

7:40 The camera crew arrives. 

To be continued. 

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  1. Julie permalink
    October 8, 2007 11:42 pm

    So, did you re-apply?

  2. October 9, 2007 12:50 am

    I did. Many times. 🙂


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