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Giving thanks

October 5, 2007

I was thumbing through a bunch of books in an airport bookstore the other day at the end of a business trip and I came across a book called, Thank You Power: Making the Science of Gratitude Work for You by Deborah Norville.  I thumbed through it and eventually bought it.  I read a little on the plane ride home and it’s a great reminder of how something so simple can make a huge difference in your life.  It’s a book that is faith-based, but somehow very applicable to heathens like me.   By thanking yourself, be grateful for who you are.  Thank others, be grateful for who you have as a part of your life. 

There is a parallel to this in business as well.  Thank those who work with and for you whenever possible.  It’s so simple but you’d be surprised how little it’s done in the workplace.  Also, people are surprised when I say this, but I find it almost impossible to offer a job to a candidate to does not send me a thank you note.  It doesn’t matter whether it is typed, emailed or handwritten, there must be a note, however brief.  I once got a job over other candidates simply because I found the hiring manager’s email address and emailed him a brief note of thanks.  That was unusual in 1993, not so much now.  These days, I actually prefer a small, tasteful handwritten note.  To me it means the person took the time to sit down and thoughtfully compose a note.  It’s a really nice touch and goes a long way with me.   

Of course, when I was reading the book, I remembered that I was supposed to take the lovely, monogrammed notes to write Thank You notes for IT Boy’s birthday presents.  Supposed to, but I forgot.  Bad mommy.  Note to self, get that done tonight!  Little IT Girl already did hers, so now I’m looking bad. 

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