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Old school vs. new

October 2, 2007

Anyone with a daughter aged 6-12 knows how popular Hannah Montana is.  Recently, Hannah/Miley Cyrus concert dates were announced.  Many parents of my daughter’s friends were all abuzz about getting tickets, planning which date was best, figuring out what venues were most accessible, etc.  I partnered with a friend and we decided to join MileyWorld so we could get a pre-sale code and buy tickets early. Great plan, huh? Except within 5 minutes, the pre-sale sold out and we were without tickets. We then set our sites on the sale to the general public. I never thought of it, but my friend pondered going to our local Ticketmaster outlet and getting a lottery number, but figured that online would be faster, better and in the end, more productive. In the end, we were left without tickets. I got a “no seats are available that meet your request” 2 minutes after the sale started. I had two computers going, but still, no luck. Other parents reported the same luck. However, our friend who went to the Ticketmaster outlet got tickets at 10:10, a full 10 minutes after they went on sale. So who was smarter? Who learned a lesson? I did. Old school can sometimes be the way to go. Next time, I’m sending the Mr. to Ticketmaster to camp out, and I’m going online to hedge my bet. And I will remember that the computer and the Internet is not always the answer to everything.

On the bright side, I don’t have to go hear Hannah/Miley. Plus, the kids never even knew we had this plan in action, so there is no disappoint them.


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