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On the road again

September 19, 2007

Some friends of mine from our hometown recently set off on a year-long adventure.  They are a family of Brits who were in the U.S. for the dad’s job.  When he left his position, they decided to take the year and tour the US and Canada by van.  They initially wanted to set up an email list to keep updating people on their whereabouts.  I convinced them a blog was a better use of their time and a superior platform to present their travels to an audience hungry to vicariously experience their adventure.  Much like the folks from Six in the World who were on “Oprah” this past season and are working on a book of their own, they will be seeing new sites, and homeschooling their kids along the way.  It’s going to be an interesting experiment for the family, who have 3 very active children.  Can’t say I would relish spending a huge amount of time in a campsite or small van with them, but they’re not my kids now, are they?  I set up the blog for them, but they have now taken it over and begun posting themselves.  It’s great to get others hooked on this blogging thing.  You can see their adventures at

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