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Craxy Sexy Author Tips

August 27, 2007

One of my favorite new authors was scheduled to be on Today this morning.  Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips was on to talk about her new book. 

On a personal note, I met Ms. Carr at BookExpo in June. I was coming off of a time when a project I was passionate about was not being understood by bookstore buyers, and I was feeling a bit down and sorry for my team. I was walking off the show floor through the Globe Pequot booth when I saw CSCT staring up at me. I laughed, first, then said, whoa, what is this? As soon as I picked up the book, an editor from Skirt! Books came over to talk with me. My first question to her was how the book was received by bookstore accounts.  After all, the project I was working on was seen as controversial, but a book that could be seen as making light of a serious subject like cancer was another thing altogether. The Skirt! editor told me there were accounts that were not thrilled with it, but most were giving it a chance, based on the profile of the author and her documentary that was coming out this fall. Instantly, my own “troubles” seemed insignificant, and I felt in good company, trying to do something that was a little off the beaten path.

The editor then said that the author was in the booth, and did I want to meet her? I went over with my galley and asked her to autograph it. I wanted to give it to one of my dearest friends who is fighting her own battle against cancer. I chatted a little with Kris and then asked if she would sign it for my friend. “Is she a survivor?” she asked. “In every sense of the word,” I replied without hestitation. She wrote something very cool and personal in there, and I could tell she meant every word of it.

When it came to giving the book to my friend, I hestitated. You see, her fight isn’t always sunshine and roses. And there are days when she probably would like to be someone without cancer.  My husband said it could be seen as thoughtless. And the last thing in the world I would want to do is hurt this particular person. But I had an autographed, personalized galley – what else could I do with it? In the end, I gave it to her and she was just thrilled. Thrilled to see someone out there with such a positive and motivating attitude. Thrilled to have someting signed by an author.  After all, this was an author who said “Cancer needed a makeover and I was just the gal to do it!” You could just as easily apply those words to my friend. On a side note, I took a galley of my own and read the book, and found it to be all that and a big fat mojito.

So, you have a book that several accounts did not get, but was most worthy of taking a chance on. I applaud Skirt! books for bringing Kris’s voice to print and hope that others can take what she has written and find their own inspiration and joy from it.  And that we can all keep in perspective what our challenges are and find a way to grow from them.

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  1. Julie permalink
    October 16, 2007 3:19 pm

    I am the friend who reveived this book from Ellen. I started reading it and I feel close to the author. I also reccommend this book to others in the same boat. I also love that it is autographed. Ellen you rock!

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