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Facebook lessons for parents

August 23, 2007

Our local NBC affliate had a segment on the other day giving parents an overview of Facebook and tips on how to and how not to use it. 

Even though the reporters were probably not that much older than me (and as we have already established, I am old) the segment felt like I was watching my parents discuss the the new frontier.  Lots of shots of awe and wonder there!  Still, there were some helpful hints. What it didn’t mention is that it’s not so easy to snoop on someone’s site if you aren’t already their friend. On Facebook, you only have access to the briefest of data – sometimes just the name, but if they’ve filled it out, the person’s school, location and a picture if it’s been uploaded. On MySpace, you can see everything as long as you have a MySpace account. So if you’re planning on stalking your friend’s kids, you have a bit more work to do. Of course, as Vicki H. mentions in my previous post, it’s probably your kids’ friends who will add you before your own kids decide to do so!

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