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The DJs

August 10, 2007

This afternoon, DD and I have a meeting with the DJs who will be spinning at her birthday party next month.  The meeting was mutual, between DD, who is turning 8, and the DJs, who are 13, 13 and 10 respectively.  These boys, two of whom are DD’s best friend’s brothers, are quite the little entrepenurs.  For the past 3 holidays and birthdays, they’ve been requesting tech toys and Radio Shack gift certificates with the goal of setting up a DJ business.  Earlier in the winter, they worked with their dad to build wooden stages for locations that do not have that kind of a set up.  They did a number of parties including a classmate of DD, and the word of mouth in the community has been quite positive.  DD and I both like the idea of a party where we don’t have to pay per kid, so she can invite as many friends as she wants to without me griping about costs.  It’s also the easiest back to basics party I could think of that isn’t in my house (don’t have the room or the patience to entertain 30 girls here).  The set up the DJs use is a laptop hooked up to iTunes or some other software, speakers and microphones.  It’s quite techy and yet not.  It’s neat to think about how they can take something so simple and turn a buisness into it, making some decent money that I’d like to think they’re using for their college funds, but in reality is probably going to something else less far thinking.

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