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Late for work

August 10, 2007

Today, I was slightly late for work because I overslept.  Luckily, I work from home two days a week, so my commute involved me walking downstairs to get some tea and then locking myself into the guest room to start my day.  Net net, 5 minutes late. 

 Why did I oversleep?  Because my 11 month old is going through a sleeping thing.  I’m not really sure why, but he does go through periods where he is simply a demon baby when the sun goes down.  Friends and people I met at BlogHer all commented on what a dream baby he is.  Yes, when the sun is out.  We offer anyone who takes a shine to him a spot on the 2am shift if they are interested.  Husband I thought he was teething, but this is about a week of going to bed at 8, waking at 10 or 11, and simply not going back to sleep in his crib.  I hate feeding him during the night, because we don’t want to get his stomach used to that.  But if he’s hungry, he’s certainly not going back to sleep until he hits the bottle.  Last night, we tried “Ferberizng”.  After about 2 hours of screaming and his sister visiting our room 4 times to inquire why we were torturing her brother, we pulled him into bed, gave him a bottle, and he fell asleep after about 10 minutes.  He’s an awesome kid as is his sister, and we love them to bits and pieces – at this point, we just want to get him in a better place for all of our sanities.

 I’m going to troll around some parenting blogs and see what strategies have worked for others.  If I can stay awake long enough. If anyone reading this has comments, feel free to share ANYTHING in the blog, if even if it’s a simple been there, done that, you will survive. 

This has been going on all week, to be truthful, but it was much less painful to wake at 5am knowing that I could go back to sleep.  Working at home has been so much of a blessing for me.  I’m able to work my schedule so I do mostly phone meetings and things to don’t require me to be face to face with others in the office.  Come fall, I’m going to have a babysitter at home on Fridays, so I can have lunch with the little man and have someone to take DD off the bus after school, which will make it even more of a happy day.  Now, to that second cup of coffee…

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