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Publishing Careers

August 1, 2007

Joe Wikert just blogged about a new blog called Publishing Careers.  

That got me thinking.  It’s the season of the summer intern here at Wiley, and if we haven’t scared these youngins away, they might actually think about a job, even a career in this crazy mixed up business. I for one wholeheartedly enjoy having the kiddies around. Yes, I feel older and older when I am around them, but they are enthusastic, eager to help out, and give us the opportunity to learn new things. Yes, you heard me right. Interns are a great way to figure out what the next generation of customers wants in a product and how they’re going to learn about it. The intern working with the marketing department spent a whole lunch hour showing me Facebook.  After he got over the initial horror of thinking of me using Facebook, he realized that I was not interested in pretending I was a 21 year old college student and saw that I wanted to understand how students were using this site.  The full time Marketing staff recently completed a round of online advertising and marketing training, and if I learned anything, it’s that we have to make sure the junior members of the marketing teams are listened to.  They are the ones on the social networking sites, the wikis, and the like.  They’re the ones that get what’s happening now online.  That’s my best advice for people wanting to keep up with new technologies – figure out what your interns and assistant level staff members are doing, and then make them teach YOU. 

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