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Talkin’ bad ’bout Junie B.

July 31, 2007

Apparently the NY Times is.  I remember when I first saw this series at the library. I thought the covers were cute and so did my daughter. She was about 4 at the time, so she was reading some books by herself, but also loved me to read to her. I cannot remember which Junie B it was, but it certainly had “stinky” or “stupid” in the title. Anyhow, we brought it home and DD wanted me to read it to her that night. I started reading it and was horrified at trying to get through it. The grammar was worse than the conversations in a Mark Twain book but not nearly as eloquent or classic. I stopped after the first chapter, my mind unable to work in such a cluttered way. Did the author think kids actually spoke that way? Did the author think kids SHOULD speak that way? No idea, but I decided then and there that Junie B was not for my kids. Of course, once she got old enough to go the public library on her own, that was all she wanted to borrow (lesson learned about banning books, no?) Thankfully, it was just a phase, and she’s moved on to Judy Moody and finishing the rest of the American Girl series, but it was a frightening one. I’m in agreement with CLM – there is simply no reason to have characters speak so poorly for so much of the time.

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