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A blip in the Matrix

July 25, 2007

I feel like I have experienced one of these today.  Nothing has been going wrong, but I wouldn’t say anything was off the charts super good either.  You think I would be walking on Cloud 9 after finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  But, totally accidently, someone ruined the ending for me yesterday.  A former colleague and someone I like a lot sent this email to me (edited to take out the offending spoiler):

Subject: hello you genius!
Body: just finished the new harry potter, and thought of you when it was revealed that …(spoiler)… what did you think?! have you finished it?

OK, no, I had NOT finished it yet. And while it wasn’t the most crutial part of the book, nor the most exciting, I still felt that I failed in my mission to not find out the ending until I got there. I’m very much the type of person who reads the last chapter first, and this time I didn’t do it. On the plus side, some things I told her 2 years ago came to fruition in this book, which means I actually read for comprehension and figured stuff out. She was horrified when she realized what she had done, and I felt so badly that it was impossible to be mad at her. Besides, she’s pretty nice to begin with, so that made it double impossible.

What sealed the deal for me was going to my weekly yoga class in the gym and seeing everyone heading outside with their mats and blocks. This means that class was being held outside on the pier. Let me make this clear – I HATE doing yoga outside. Especially at lunchtime. Tons of people, stale air, and helicopters and boats making tons of noice. I don’t want yoga on grass and dirt. I tried it once, and thought about how it was a good thing to get out of my confort zone. But it sucked. Never again, I said. I like the peaceful indoor yoga temple at my gym. It’s nice, quiet and gets me into the whole yoga thing. I came right back up to my desk and sent a pointedly graphic note to the management at the gym asking them to stop allowing the yoga teacher to do this. I really like her and would be horrified if she got repremanded for this, but hey, don’t mess with my zen.

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